Onyx Mods LLC offers products designed to address users' anti-malware and security needs. These products provide a range of security features, including malware remediation and real-time system guard protection against the latest online security threats, custom-made fixes to remove aggressive malware, advanced Windows registry repair mechanisms, and other features designed to effectively detect and eliminate malware and other security risks.


Free anti-malware #ClamAV

Malware Remediation - Powerful, highly effective malware removal tool.


Free Password Manager

Secure your passwords - For free! Dont delete any DLL, Run loginwise.exe to get it running :)


Software Uninstaller

Remove software from your pc fast. Usually completes removal process using a bot unlike the control panel. Requires admin to run


Temp, Internet Cache, etc cleaner

TempDestroy is a software that uses a CMD interface and cleans your PC


Optimize your computer to run though apps or games. 

Optimiza is a free program for those who want more performance.


Manage your PC in a single application

utility ready to help you manage the security settings of your computer from a single place, along with running processes and services


Free Registry Cleaner

Help optimize Windows - Be careful with RegBuster


Windows Memory Cleaner

You have apps using your RAM? Stop it today with RamBuster!

Fixoi Repair

Windows Repair

Windows Repair Utility


simple notepad, not very suprising utility

compact and user-friendly interface where everything is within reach and nothing is too complicated

Console-based browser restore utility

A simple console application that makes it possible for you to quickly reset the browser settings to their defaults, working with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Packet Sniffer

A network protocol analyzer that promises to intercept traffic, allowing administrators to monitor all the data packets that travel throughout the network