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'Advanced Power' Botnet

'Advanced Power' Botnet Description

The Advanced Power Botnet may use infected computers to check Web pages for SQL injection vulnerabilities. The Advanced Power Botnet is used in threat attacks and the Advanced Power Botnet uses an easy to use dashboard that allows even amateur hackers to operate this threatening botnet, and use the Advanced Power Botnet for their own attacks. PC security researchers have observed that the Advanced Power Botnet is being used by criminals to detect SQL injection vulnerabilities on Web pages visited by the infected computer's user. The Advanced Power Botnet is being used to attack both the victims' computers and to look for vulnerabilities in the websites they visit. These vulnerabilities may then be used to compromise these websites and distribute other threats.

The Advanced Power Botnet Has Affected Millions of Computers Around the World

12,500 computers have already been identified as part of the Advanced Power Botnet. Using the Advanced Power Botnet, criminals have detected nearly two thousand websites that are vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. Malware analysts have observed that threats associated with the Advanced Power Botnet may be distributed as a bogus version of the 'Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant' Web browser extension. Once criminals find out that a Web page is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks using the Advanced Power Botnet, criminals may compromise the websites in order to steal information in their databases or to carry out attacks on that websites' visitors.

The Advanced Power Botnet Uses an Advanced, Long-Term Strategy

The method being used by the criminals responsible for the Advanced Power Botnet has caught the attention of PC security researchers because of its depth and innovation. Using the Advanced Power Botnet, criminals may monitor thousands of websites for SQL infection vulnerabilities. Since infecting Web pages is much more lucrative and potentially destructive than infecting an individual's computer, this makes the Advanced Power Botnet a significant threat. Malware researchers believe that the Advanced Power Botnet originates in the Czech Republic and that it is possible that the Advanced Power Botnet may spawn a new wave of threat attacks capitalizing on this strategy to compromise websites.

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